Tuesday, July 27, 2010


  • Physical Therapy is the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders such as muscle pains, back and neck injuries or joint injuries; stroke patients or cerebral palsy children; fractures or dislocations; and skin disorders such as wounds, burns or diabetic foot ulcers; etc.
  • Physical Therapy is helping people attain their full potential using therapeutic exercises, medical massage, joint mobilization, PNF, stretching, physical therapy modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound, infrared, hot packs, cold packs, paraffin wax, TENS, ES, traction machine, pool therapy, gait training, ADL adjustments, home exercise programs and many more.
  • Physical Therapy is the evaluation and treatment of numerous physical conditions of all age groups.
  • Physical Therapy aims to restore gross and fine motor function, relieve pain, and prevent further injury.
  • Physical therapy is part of an individual’s overall health.
  • Physical Therapy is provided in the hospital, for outpatients, in schools, in the home, and in nursing homes.
  • Physical Therapy is about teaching people about their body, their disorder, and their health.


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