Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Benefits Accrued From Engaging in Resistance Training in Bodybuilding

The first step to building a fantastic macho looking body is getting into the gym and training hard, and it is the food of all bodybuilders. Yet this is always misinterpreted by bodybuilders to mean ignorant, disorganized hard work in the work out room. The best way which always brings positive and fast results is to organize training consciously with precise objectives. One of such best objective training strategies is resistance training.

Ideal resistance training should involve workout activities that primarily employ body weight, dead weights and training machines to exhaust and stimulate muscle groups completely. That is why resistance training is variously referred to as strength or weight training in body building circles. Recent research into body building exercises has irrefutably proved that resistance training is among the most essential ingredients of a body building program. It is actually commonly used by all kinds of athletes who require strong muscles in their particular endeavors like football, weight lifting, basket ball among others.

The trainee must however remember that resistance training does not essentially increase body size because the core factor is building on the muscle strength. That is why resistance training is ideal for almost every individual with a training program for body building or physical fitness. Resistance training builds up power and tones precisely the muscle groups that result to a compact, attractively solid body that makes the girls go gaga.

Resistance training is simple to implement because it basically involves the use of ordinary exercise equipments and body building machines such as bench press, barbells or even dumbbell. These weight equipments help challenge the muscles against the weights, over and over again always hitting the most extreme limit the muscles can go. Muscle cells must therefore adapt to the challenge offered daily by moderated extra weight added on course of the program by bulking up more fibers and tissues or strengthening the existing ones. More precisely what happens is called hypertrophy meaning the enlargement and growth of nerve cells within the muscle sites which essentially help the muscles during contraction.

Before initiating a resistance training program however, the athlete should go for a thorough check up especially if there is a preexisting medical condition or if he or she is overweight. Besides learning of the best weights to use, the athlete must stimulate and condition the body gradually before thrusting it to intense weight exercises. Actually, resistance training can be started without weights by adopting exercises like push ups.

Contemporary literature into bodybuilding exercises and fitness therapies recommend resistance training because it has numerous advantages. Among the most dynamic benefits that a person can reap from an effective resistance training program include increasing bone-mineral density which is almost impossible to maintain otherwise especially after the post-menopausal body can not produce hormones. Resistance training greatly increases muscle strength and bone firmness, essential for physical fitness. It thus helps the trainee be more active and productive in his normal life as a result of the boost in strength. More importantly, resistance training maximally burns calories and helps the body loose excess fats. Fat combustion and improved fitness and body strength will therefore lead to more healthy lifestyles without risks of cardiac and overweight conditions especially in elderly people. Indeed the heart rate and blood pressure is adequately lowered to the extent of preventing major heart diseases.

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